Deep Skip Trace

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We use the Deep Skip Trace technique because we believe it is the best and most efficient way track down hard to contact debtors and reclaim owed money. With the help of investigative skip vendors, our debt collection agency tests to ensure our strategy is proficient and delivers results. We are committed to using the best in the business so that we can utilize the best practices for helping our clients. We set our standards high and only use leaders in the industry who match DCEs’ level of quality collection services.

Debtor Personal Information Acquisition

We track down debtors who have gone missing with the help of our investigative agencies. Professionals are used when debt collection cases have gone on for a long time and the debtor can not be tracked down. The most top-notch accounts receivable departments are good at what they do, but even they need help sometimes. That is where we come in, our collection company works hard to recover funds quickly, even in complex cases.

Social Security Number

  • We conduct a SSN search to acquire all listed numbers. The SSN is verified, so that new addresses and contact information may be obtained.

Directory Assistance

  • Old and new addresses are obtained through a directory search. We also perform a reverse search, which gives us more information and better helps to find the debtor.

Area Code Cross Reference

  • A search of all possible area codes and phone numbers. Collected numbers are then called in order to track down the debtor.

Tracking Down the Debtor

The skip trace process, though it may seem to entail a lot, is quite simple, and the goal is just to reach the debtor by phone. All phone calls are made during prime hours and are never automated calls; skip vendors manually place each call. This process not only helps us find the debtor but also helps our commercial collection agency eliminate incorrect numbers. Additionally, the calls help us to find out the debtors’ place of employment, current address, or further contact information.

Once we verify information, we notify the collector normally, within just a few days we are able to compile the correct information about the debtor. Until all efforts are made to find and speak with the debtor, the process is not complete.

Failure to Acquire Information

Despite our best attempts and practices for obtaining information, understand that information acquired my fail to yield results. Even if the debtor is located, they may not be able to repay the owed money, and refunds will not be given.

We are among the best in the industry, which is why we offer the Deep Skip Trace method to recover your funds. Remove some of the burdens from your accounts receivable department and let our skilled debt collectors get you paid. Our debt collectors begin working immediately to get your money back, even from debtors that are difficult or who have disappeared. Contact us today to receive a free quote. Contact us today to receive a free quote.