With up to 75% of the recovered amount paid back to you, Debt Collection Experts exceeds the industry standard, paying more than other collection agencies. We want you to get back more of your money.

How Are Our Rates Calculated?

Depending on the monetary value and the age of the account, our debt collection company uses a pay scale; we also consider the number of accounts.

Commercial and Business Accounts: 25% Average
Consumer Accounts: 38% Average

Average payouts are reflected in the rates above and may vary on a case-by-case basis. Older debt generally requires a more time and work in order to collect, so its cost will be higher. The collected amount is higher for larger debts, and they will therefore result in cheaper rates.

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The Benefit of Hiring a Collection Agency

We are in the business of helping you recover your money; we return your money to you and we simply take a small cut from it. You pay nothing out of pocket; you simply get the remainder of your money back after our collection services are paid for. Aside from that you enjoy the added benefit of leaving your accounts receivable department free to do more meaningful work when we handle your collection services. If you want your business to continue to be successful, you can’t afford to let debt go unpaid for too long. Hiring us as your debt collection company gets your money back and helps out your accounts receivable department.

We guarantee that we get paid only if you get paid. There is no risk for you when using our collection services.

GUARANTEED payment, or our services are free.

Use your time to focus on your company and let our experienced debt collectors handle the complexities of your debt collection cases. We encourage you to contact us today or request your free quote, and our commercial debt collection services will start to work for you.