Place a claim

Please submit your claim by using the form provided below. If you prefer faxing information, call and request a PDF of the form. Placement minimum amount is $50.00.

After a claim is placed, what happens next?

We work quickly once receive the claim placement. Debt Collection Experts debt collection agency starts right away with the fund recovery process. By using an outside commercial collection company, you will send a message to all debtors that you won’t forget or excuse the money owed. If you have more questions about our process, please visit our FAQ page.

Our initial communication with debtors includes legally required information regarding our debt collection services. It advises them of their legal rights and communicates important information relative to account status and details. Additionally, we let them know that Debt Collection Experts will reports all cases to all 3 credit bureaus, and they have thirty(30) days from the date the letter was sent to dispute or request debt verification.

Many ask if they can or should continue to attempt to collect from debtors after case submitted to Debt Collection Experts collection agency

The answer is No. As soon as we begin, you must stop communicating with your debtor.

What happens if the debtor pays me or contacts me after placement?

Any communication from the debtor or if payment received after placement should be forward to us IMMEDIATELY. We then will send you an invoice. Note that reporting payments is a requirement under our Debt Collection Agreement. Keep in mind that It’s illegal to make demands on paid accounts.


By submitting the below information to Debt Collection Experts for placement, you agree and acknowledge to all terms & conditions. You understand and agree that you are required to report any communications, notices of bankruptcy and payments from the debtor(s) directly to us. You also agree to immediately stop any and all collection efforts and report any and all of the above. As requested by Debt Collection Experts you agree to provide copies of any and all paperwork that verifies the debt.

By submission of placement, you have agreed to all commissions that will be owed to Debt Collection Experts, Inc. in the event that:

1) Debt Collection Experts collects any or all funds owed to you by the debtor(s) on the relative account,
2) Debt Collection Experts discovers that the debtor(s) have previously paid the account,,
3) after payment demand made, you withdraw the account,
4) funds are received by you, paid directly to you from debtor(s) or
5) merchandise returns are accepted as payment.

Understand that the action of submitting an account to a collection agency should not be taken lightly. As with all important financial matters, be sure that you read, understand, and are in agreement with any and all terms and conditions. Make sure you fill the form out as accurately as possible. This will prevent problems and delays. It is important that you report any communications or payments submitted to you from debtor(s). Unless alternative arrangements have been arranged, the charged rate is based on a 50% scale.


Minimum amount for placement is $50.00.



 No Response  Check Returned  Disputed
 Mail Returned  Claims Inability To Pay  Phone Disconnected

If debtor requests verification, you will receive an email from us requesting it.

To speed up the recovery process, send all supporting documents and information at time of placement.


I/We refer the above account(s) for collection. As our agent, you are authorized to proceed at once to collect the account(s) submitted. A commission is to be charged on any and all collected accounts, paid direct or compromised in any way including merchandise returns and paid before collection. You are given authorization to accept payment and to endorse money orders, notes, checks, or drafts for deposit; of which the net proceeds you are to remit to us. No special authorization is required to proceed to compromise, grant extention, submit legal demand, or file suit. All clients without valid contracts will default to standard rates. I/We agree to report any and all contact or payment from debtor(s) immediately to Debt Collection Experts By placing these delinquent account(s) with Debt Collection Experts you have certified that these debts are valid and agree to be liable for any and all legal cost(s) should Debt Collection Experts be required to defend an action brought against Debt Collection Experts because the debt is deemed not to be valid.

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