Accounts Receivable

Your business relies on its accounts receivable department, and the people in that department are more than just bill collectors. Your accounts receivable department handles debt collection and recovering monies owed to your company. Depending on the industry in which your business operates, your everyday debt collection tasks may include credit collection, medical billing or other, hard to contact cases, which can swamp your busy accounts receivables staff and department.

When your accounts receivable staff and department has more work than time, debts go unpaid and your business loses money. Hiring our debt collection services as your collection agency, we lend a hand to your accounts receivable staff and department and handle your challenging debt collection needs.

Our collections agency provides several benefits for your Accounts Receivable:

  • Improved rate of recovery
  • Reverse credits to P&L
  • Faster case resolution
  • Uncovering of un-billed profits and revenue
  • Cleaning up accounts receivable backlogs
  • Identifying sources
  • Prevention of post-audits
  • Reconciliation of balance sheets

Our team at DCE is experienced at debt collection and our skilled and trained debt collectors will do the work of recovering your funds, and keep your accounts receivable staff and department available day-to-day operations.

As opposed to other debt collection companies, we take just a small percentage of the recovered funds. We back all of our work with our guarantee. Our commercial collection agency handles every case in a professional and personalized manner. Receive a free quote today to learn how our collection services will work for you.

Why Our Collection Agency?

  • On-Line Report System
  • On-Line Placement System
  • Fast Remittance
  • Low And Competitive Rates
  • Professional, Highly trained debt collectors
  • The Highest Ratios Of Recovery
  • Demand service that is FREE
  • Custom outsourcing
  • Collection attorneys that are BONDED
  • Customer service that is DEDICATED
  • An Industry Leader For Over 13 Years
  • Fully Bonded*. Licensed*, Insured

Our live customer service team is available now to help answer any questions you may have. We take great pride in giving our customers outstanding customer support and believe it is what sets us apart. We are your answer to how you can free up your accounts receivable staff and department and get the money owed to you back quickly. Take a look through our site and call 866-944-8610 to speak with a live representative or fill out the form for a free quote.

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