We Are A Leading Debt Collection Agency

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As an experienced debt collection agency, the mission of Debt Collection Experts is to help business owners and accounts receivable departments recover the money due to them. Conveniently based on the South Shore of Long Island, Debt Collection Experts is proud to serve clients near the LIRR and MacArthur Airport. Every client of ours benefits from the services of our professional debt collectors, our dedication to collection services, and our unwavering guarantee. As well, all quotes are free, always.

Our Mission Statement

With outstanding customer service as our top priority, Debt Collection Experts is committed to serving our customers, by reclaiming their debt. We specialize in tracking down and obtaining owed monies from debtors who refused to pay in the past, or who have been difficult to contact. As a collection company, we fully understand the toll unpaid debt can take on a company, and that every day that you aren’t paid, means your business suffers. That is why we make it our mission to quickly and efficiently retrieve monies owed you. Our team of highly skilled debt collection agents does the hard work of cultivating a relationship with your debtor so that we may customize each case, and increase our chances of recovery. Because every case is different, we are sure to treat every situation and every debtor uniquely.

The Vision of Our Collection Agency

The vision of Debt Collection Experts is to see every case through to its end, and to perform our debt collection services with speed. We believe that the business and burden of debt collection should not be placed on your company’s accounts receivables department. Therefore, we gladly take over the difficult cases and to do so with a personal tough, this way, you can focus your full attention on running your business.

All cases begin with a free quote, and every case is assigned a debt collector, who begins working on your case within 30 minutes of placement. While we are aware that there are debt collection agencies that take their time collecting, hoping for a higher payout, our goal is to raise the standards of debt collection practices, decrease recovery times, and to exceed our customers expectations. All of those are why we have become a trusted source of debt collection services, used by companies across the world.

We are more than the bill collectors, and we work hard to that every client sees that. We welcome your business and we appreciate you allowing us to resolve your debt collection cases. We invite you to browse our website and to contact us if you would like to learn more about how our collection agency can help your business recover your money.